Kids Clothes Week Summer - Day Three

When it comes to swimsuits I couldn't leave Big Brother out. He was in need of an additional pair of swim trunks since he has swim lessons every day right now. Ah! I love summer so much!!! I love swimming every day and soaking up that heat. I so belong in the south. :)  

 I made him the Peek A Boo Pattern Shop Surf's Up Board Shorts. Overall I like the pattern. It seems to be a little small. Big Brother needed one size bigger than he normally wears but other than that I liked it. The fabric for these came from The Fabric Fairy who, unfortunately is not on Mr. Rebates or eBates but the quality is excellent!!! 
I love this kid and his funky pose! He seems to always get himself into this funky pose when I want to take pictures of him. :) 

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  1. Hi Upstate Mamma, wondering what's happened with your blog. Missing your updates about your beautiful children, and wondering how you're all doing now that some time has passed since you've had to let go of Little Sister. Has the family allowed contact yet? How is everyone doing? Anyway, miss hearing about you and your experiences and hope you'll post soon. Praying for you and wishing you well... Mary Beth.